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1944 Beech D17S Staggerwing

GRAND CHAMPION, Watsonville West
Coast Antique Fly-in. (1995)


- U.S. Army Air Corps serial number 44-67726 was purchased on Air Corps Order no. W535
AC-31386 and designated a UC-43/GB-2. It was equipped with a Pratt and Whitney
R-985-AN-1 engine and carried a construction number of 6703.

- On 23 Feb 44 this aircraft is accepted by the U.S. Army at Beech Aircraft Corporation,
Wichita, Kansas. On 04 Mar 44 it is assigned to the U.S. Army Air Corps at Love Field,
Dallas, Texas, however these orders are changed and airplane is reassigned to Fort Dix Army
Air Base, New Jersey and arrives there on 06 Mar 44.

-On 13 April 44 airplane is assigned to 8th Air Force, England. On 15 July 44 it was assigned
to La Guardia Field, U.S. Army Air Force, Port of Aerial Embarkation, Long Island City, New
York. However the war ended prior to shipment.

- On 25 July 46 Airplane arrives at La Guardia Field, New York, and is Stricken from U.S.
Army records and is turned over to the War Assets Administration for disposal as surplus.
This historical record was compiled by aviation historian, Kenneth D. Wilson.